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Causes of Stress Among Students - Essay
Thursday, August 14, 2014 | 0 comment(s)

The causes of stress among students nowadays ;-

1) Examination

Generally, most students feel that examination are the most pressured causes of stress. Either good students or weak ones, still face the stress of getting examinations. The good students are usually pressured in achieving distinctions to with excellent results by parents, teachers and school which is a big burden for them. Besides, the good students also want to receive scholarships that can ease their parents' financial in tertiary education. The weak students, on the other hand, are pressured of coping up with too much of schoolwork and they are fear to fail in the examination.

2)Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is also crucial. The students have to face the problems such as fitting in and keeping up with their friend's obsession on the latest issues. The students have to tie up with friends who are partaking part in questionable activities.


Usually, students who are bullied feel inferior and insecure to come to school as they are afraid to complain the wrongdoing. Basically, the perpetrators of bullying also face pressure themselves before. The bullies have emotional problems that lead to bullying behaviour and release their pressure by bullying others. The weak students are targets of bullies.

4)Problems at home

Students who lack of communication and guidance from parents feel that their parents do not care about them. They who have problems at home for examples the divorce of parents or financial problem always get pressured from their siblings and parents whom they do not get along. Parents too not spend a good time together and busying with work tend their child feel less loved.

SOLUTION : How to eliminate stress?

An easier way to eliminate stress among the students is seek help from counselors or trusted elderly relatives to ask for some advice. The students may take a leisure time off for themselves to relax and rest. They should spend a good time too with cheerful people around to release stress. They also should think positive and wise in any events. The students must choose good friends who can help them in study and life.